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We are currently looking for research scientists at all levels (postdoctoral, graduate student, undergraduate student). 

Using electrophysiological and histological approaches, we are interested in the role of Adhesion G-protein coupled receptors in dictating the specificity of synaptic assembly during neural circuit development. Techniques commonly used will include whole cell patch-clamp electrophysiology, synaptic physiology, immunohistochemistry, and 3-D neuron morphological and synaptic structure analysis.  While skill set is important, successful applicant must be critical in nature, have a willingness to learn, is self-motivated and be interested in tackling difficult developmental neurobiology questions. 

The University of California in Riverside is situated near Los Angeles in southern California, and is a growing multidisciplinary intellectual community environment, ideal for working creatively in a collaborative environment.   The PI is committed to career development of trainees, embracing diversity as a strength to a solid and interactive research program.

To apply, please send letter of interest, CV, and contact information of references to Prof. Garret Anderson at:

University of California, Riverside

1115 Biological Sciences Building

Riverside, CA 92521


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