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Investigating the Role of Latrophilin Adhesion G-protein Coupled Receptors in Neural Circuit Patterning

Development of genetic mouse models to study Latrophilin gene function - Visualizing Latrophilin protein via incorporation of mVenus fluorescent protein

Using patch-clamp electrophysiology methods, we are able to isolate individual neurons in the brain and study their fundamental properties: action potentials, synaptic transmission, morphological architecture.

Single Neuron Analysis

Visualizing Synaptic Contacts

Biocytin loaded neuronal dendrite (red)

with Latrophilin marked synapses (green)

Latrophilin Synaptic Contacts

Latrophilin Synaptic Contacts

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3D Neuron Reconstruction & Analysis

Biocytin loaded neuronal dendrite (red) with spines (blue) digitally reconstructed in 3-dimensions.  Latrophilin marked synapses (green) in contact with neuron of interest.